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Waliif Construction S.C


Construction business in our country is at its infant stage. After a detailed assessment and research on
the sector, Waliif construction S.C was found by a group of highly skilled Engineering and Business professionals
in 2016 at Finfinnee. The main reason for this foundation is to benefit our shareholders and society from
this profitable business. On the bases of this professional Engineers and Business individuals are highly committed
to contribute and benefit themselves, the shareholders and their community at large that the society
are highly encouraged to be the owner of this company in buying shares and awareness that we can bid and work on any construction works.

ዋሊፍ ኮንስትራክሽን አክስዮን ማህበር
Waliif Construction Share Company

Aksiyoonni Baankiileetti Gurguramaa Jira . Aksiyoonicha bitachuudhaan bizinesii bu’aa guddaa argamsiisu kanarraa fayyadamaa haa taanu!

Share Sale is on at Banks Let us be benefited from this profitable business by buying the share!

Cardinal Values of the Company

i. Vision   

By 2030 G.C to see the Company with the latest engineering practices and quality services, creativity and excellence to be the premier partner of choice in construction sector by providing the most cost effective , efficient and reliable service in Africa


We provide fully modern technology based, Cost effective construction work by highly committed, experienced and qualified employees.

iii. Core Values   

Assuring Optimum profitability Customer Focus Quality at the most cost-effective price is the supreme core value of our company Excellence: The Company strongly struggles to provide the culture of working business in all aspects (individually, as well as in unity). It always seeks constant improvement and will continue to push forward towards the development and innovation specifically in construction business/sector.
Commitment: The company maintains all its commitments and a
fulfill all its responsibilities dutifully on time all the time
Passion: The Company believes that great result s come not only from skills and knowledge but also for the loving dedication and unwavering faith that our company puts on it

iv. Objectives

A. General Objectives
The general objective of Waliif Construction S.C is investing in modern construction to benefit our shareholders and the community as well having a vital role in national economy.


B. Specific Objective

  • To benefit our shareholders from construction business (which is at its infant stage in our country) by gaining Maximum profit
  • To import, export sell produces modern construction machinery and equipment
  • To engage in design works
  • To participate in supervision and evaluation works
  • To prepare and provide training workshop apparent ships and related capacity buildings to concerned bodies in construction sector
  • To work as partner with government private domestic and foreign construction companies
  • To establish construction management and development
  • To participate in modern real estate buildings To contribute to the country’s economic development

v. Goal

  • To generate income from construction business
  • To contribute to the national Economy
  • To provide accessible, reliable, efficient service in construction service
  • To provide accurate time-budget based service
  • To reduce the cost-quality gab in construction business
  • To provide job opportunity for others

vi. Opportunities

  • United young professionals
  • The construction sector which is at its infant stage in the country helps us to penetrate easily into the market
  • Government policy towards construction sector
  • Government’s attention to economic revolution

vii. Share & payment information

  • The price of one share is 1,000.00
  • The minimum share a person can buy is 2 shares (2,000.00)
  • The maximum share that a person can buy is 5,000 (5, million birr)
  • The service charge is 10% of the total share
  • The mode of payment at one time


  1. General contractor  

  2. Own commercial building

  3. Real estate’s building

  4. Production, supply and distribution of construction materials 

  5. Import of construction materials and machines

  6. Hotel and tourism  

  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Properties/real estate management/
  • Road constructions, Design and Supervision;
  • Import & Export of Construction materials
  • Construction Materials Production, supply and Distribution
  • Constriction of all infrastructures
  • Bridge constructions
  • High way constructions
  • We are highly committed to benefit our shareholders Maximum profit from construction Business

  • We give priority for quality, fair/ cost effective construction works to our clients

Share sale is going on at all branches of :-

                                                            Oromiya International Bank

            Cooperative Bank of Oromiya 

 Awash Bank                     

Waliin Waliif Guddina Diinagdeetiif  ni hojjenna, bu’aa guddaa ni arganna ni duroomna! .

Together with we do business, generate maximum profit, and will become wealth!