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Waliin Waliif Guddina Diinagdeetiif ni hojjenna, bu’aa guddaa ni arganna ni duroomna!

Together with we do business, generate maximum profit, and will become wealth!

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Aksiyoonni Baankiileetti Gurguramaa Jira. Aksiyoonicha bitachuudhaan bizinesii bu’aa guddaa argamsiisu kanarraa fayyadamaa haa taanu!


We provide fully modern technology based, Cost effective construction work by highly committed, experienced and qualified employees.

Core Values

Assuring Optimum profitability

Customer Focus

Quality at the most cost-effective price is the supreme core value of our company


The general objective of Waliif Construction S.C is investing in modern construction to benefit our shareholders and the community as well having a vital role in national economy

Waliif Construction Management Members

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible design.

Ato Dechassa Abdissa

General Manager

Mr,Abiyot Niguse

Finance Director

Eng. Fikadu negassa

Construction Director

Mr. Shimelis Jijo

Operational Manager

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