Waliif Construction

ዋሊፍ ኮንስትራክሽን

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By 2030 G.C to see the Company with the latest engineering practices and quality services, creativity and excellence to be the premier partner of choice in construction sector by providing the most cost effective , efficient and reliable service in Africa


Construction business in our country is at its infant stage. After a detailed assessment and research on the sector, Waliif construction S.C was found by a group of highly skilled Engineering and Business professionals in 2016 at Finfinnee. The main reason for this foundation is to benefit our shareholders and society from this profitable business. On the bases of this  professional Engineers and Business individuals are highly committed to contribute and benefit themselves, the shareholders and their community at large that the society are highly encouraged to be the owner of this company  in buying  shares and awareness that we can bid and work on any construction works.


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